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  • Bye BOE!media, hello Monique!

    In September 2011, I started BOE!media. The financial crisis brought me back to my old profession of graphic design. And because I’ve been doing web design on the side since 1997, I decided to offer those services as well. WordPress was my chosen platform. What a ride it’s been. For the first years, I was … Read more

  • What is the 100 Days of Code Challenge?

    What is the 100 Days of Code Challenge?

    And why did I take it, even if I don’t fancy a coding career? In 2017, during Morten Rand-Hendriksen’s talk at WordCamp Europe, I learned about CSS Grid. I was amazed with what it could do and really wanted to learn more about it. I kept saying this for over a year, without really diving … Read more

  • Aromas

    I have a very sensitive nose. This sometimes makes travelling in public transport a problem. Fast food combined with overperfumed people and sweat.  I remember having business appointments in the morning, shaking hands with men who had just poured aftershave all over them, leaving residue on their hands. I would smell it hours after they … Read more