I have a very sensitive nose. This sometimes makes travelling in public transport a problem. Fast food combined with overperfumed people and sweat.  I remember having business appointments in the morning, shaking hands with men who had just poured aftershave all over them, leaving residue on their hands. I would smell it hours after they … Read more

Getting Away from Screen

I’m busy, way too busy. Partly, this is my own fault. I’m starting too many projects at the moment, and there’s a lot of client work going on as well. As the weather is terrible at the moment (storm, rain, cold), I don’t feel much urge to go to the garden either. Lucky me, my other … Read more

Winter Blues

I have a hard time getting started these days. Is it because Daylight Saving Time has ended? Usually, I suffer more from this in spring, since we have 1 hour of sleep less. I takes me 3 days to adapt and people laugh at me when I say this.  I’ve also noticed a pattern where … Read more

Learning new things

Arrived at Day 89 of my 100 Days Of Code Challenge. It’s still a struggle learning Javascript. I’m not really enjoying this type of programming. CSS was much more fun. I’m also doing a UX writing course, that I enjoy a lot more. In general, I think it’s important to keep learning, it doesn’t have … Read more

Going out

Live concerts for me have always been a fun way to go out. Ever since I was 15, I went out to the city with some friends to watch bands. Usually, these were unknown indie bands, who’d play for an audience around 20-30 people. To be honest, that’s still a size I prefer. I was … Read more

Gardening keeps you sane

I have been a gardener, as long as I recall. As a kid I used to grow lots of plants in my bedroom. At some point I even wanted to take horticultural education. But instead, I went to graphical design school and worked in the printing industry for years. At some point, I established a … Read more

No clean desk policy

I’m not very good at maintaining a clean desk. At some point, papers pile up. Especially when I’ve been travelling. I think the main problem with this is, that I don’t have dedicated space for some things. Last weekend, I got myself a new desk. I finally replaced the old dining table, that once belonged … Read more