The morning after

It’s the Monday morning after Paris. There are 6(!) tax envelopes on my desk. I’m installing the latest macOS Catalina. How’s your Monday going?  Yesterday, I posted a tweet I was starting a list of 45 over 45 in tech. Boy, that got more attention than I expected. There is a reason why I posted … Read more

Last nights of Paris

Early 2011, when we just met, my partner gave me the book ‘Laatste nachten van Parijs’ by Philippe Soupault. Back then, I was going to Paris with my (about to break up with) boyfriend. Those were confusing times. I’m a great lover of surrealism, and I loved this book to pieces. It’s beautifully translated into … Read more

Autumn in Paris

The perks of speaking at a conference are that you get to see nice cities like Paris. I have no obligations for the next two days, so it will be nice to wonder around the city, without a purpose. Soaking up the atmosphere and just watch people.  The weather is going to be nice for … Read more