This page is inspired by Derek Sivers’ now page suggestion and his Now Now Now movement. The purpose of this page is to share my current focus. If you have your own site, you should make one, too.

Last updated on: October 8, 2023


With lower temperatures, a bit of energy has returned. Still not much happening during the week after work though. And I had a few blank outs in the afternoons. Still wondering if this is long covid, aside from the absence of smelling some things properly.


I did see some nice bands the past few months, like Wilco, the Bug Club and Squid. More to come this autumn, starting with the Sleaford Mods next week! I still enjoy the Cineville cinema subscription. We see golden oldies and brand new ones. If you haven’t seen it yet, go see Past Lives.


I’m no longer part of a team but serving various teams now from a hub. Things still have to settle down and we all have to find our way in the new setting. I enjoy working on multiple project though, and being in charge of my own calendar slightly more.

Last week we also had a guest speaker who is both deaf and a UX designer: Marie van Driessche. She showed us how frustrating her process is when asking for extra interpreter hours. Lots of great insights, unfortunately not all of them within my team’s power to solve them.


From tomorrow on, we’ll be enjoying a week off on the island of Texel. Some cycling, bird watching, hiking… looking forward to it! We’re taking our own bikes on the train up to Den Helder, so that will be convenient.


In September we spent a weekend with my parents and my brother’s family in Zeeland, in the South West of the Netherlands. My parents were married for 56 years. Can you believe that? The weather was great and we enjoyed time walking on the beach and in the dunes.


Autumn has arrived so clearing the beds now. We need to do some serious pruning.


Just finished and enjoyed a funny book by a Dutch author called Merijn de Boer about a trip to Surinam. If you understand Dutch, it’s worth reading.
In case you’re interested in the full picture of what I’m reading now, or have been reading, you can check out my Storygraph account.


Last week was a nice and sunny Sunday. I went to visit a friend to celebrate her birthday over lunch. Afterwards, I spent some time on my own birding and testing out my new camera. It’s a huge challenge to get sharp, detailed pictures of birds.