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Last updated on: August 26, 2023


I think I caught something earlier this month. I felt tired for more than a week and it reminded me of COVID-19. Tested twice, but negative. However, there seem to be a rise in contaminations again. I do feel better for a few weeks and the energy levels seem to be good for my current state.


I went too see the doctor’s because I suddenly felt some aching in my left boob. This is what started a 18 month treatment for my next door neighbour, so I was slightly worried. In the end, everything looked okay. The doctor asked if it was a bruise she detected. And then I remembered I crammed my boob between the ends of the large loppers I used cutting off a tree branch in the garden. I’m so clumsy sometimes.
Anyway, happy with decent health care in the Netherlands: from the age of 50, women get a boob scan every 2 years. It can be an unpleasant experience, but better safe than sorry.


We went to see a French film from the 60ies by Agnes Varda: Cleo from 5 to 7. It was shown on a big screen outdoors behind the Eye film museum in Amsterdam. We had cosy beach chairs and the sound came from bluetooth headphones. It was a great experience. We were lucky to have no rain too! For the next few weeks, we have quite a few concerts we are going to attend. The first one will be old time favourites Wilco, who will play 2 shows in Utrecht. We are going on Monday August 28, which happens to be my 52th birthday as well. What a lovely gift from them!


I’m enjoying finishing documentation and elearning for the copywriters in my department. I do love working on the intersection of content and design. As Jeffrey Zeldman already said in 2008: Content is design. Design without content is just decoration. Well, hear, hear!

On the side, I’m officially the design chapter lead for my team now. This sounds fancier than it actually is, but I enjoy the role nonetheless. It means I’m kind of the initiator for knowledge sharing and team building. We’ve got a few interesting things lined up for the upcoming months.


The weather has been funny. Lot’s of rain after we returned from our holidays, and more dry and hot weather for the past weeks. Now, it’s an uncomfortable mix of both: warm an humid weather with unexpected heavy showers. I bought myself a pair of new rain trousers, because last Thursday, the old ones didn’t do their work. The result was me walking around the office looking like I’d wet my pants. As for hikes/birding: the birds aren’t as present this time of year. This is because they mostly put their energy into renewing their feathers, to be ready for autumn migration.


I almost forgot (how could I!) but I had a short and fun weekend in the Champagne area. We went to Troyes, where we’ve been before. On Friday evening, we had dinner with my partner’s second daughter, who was travelling back to Amsterdam from the South of France. If you get the chance, go and visit the town. It’s vibrant and historic and only 1,5 hours by train from Paris. On Saturday, we went to the Route du Champagne. We’ve been there before, and it was nice again, but probably the last time for us. I’ve noticed I cannot really stand (drunk) crowds anymore. Besides, we have a growing interest in organic wines and champagnes, and they are usually underrepresented at these events. We now know you can easily visit the caves on appointment. The Raisin app didn’t really work for us on Sardegna last year, but in France, it helped us find a champagne cave that works biodynamic. These wines are far more expensive, but if you do buy cheaper wines, someone or something else pays the price. So I’m trying to be aware of that as long as my financial situation allows me to.


It’s tomato time! Last year, we missed most of the harvest (but my sister in law didn’t), because we were on holiday. But this year the tomato harvest is abundant and there is more to come. I made my first batch of passata. Also, green and yellow zucchini are growing like there’s no tomorrow. We have preserved some in a sweet and sour base to have as a condiment. Both are good to eat as memories of summer when winter time arrives.


Not so focused at the moment, but I had fun reading an old Raymond Chandler detective from the late 30ies/early 40ies. It was shocking to read the N-word on the first pages and sometimes hard to grasp the New York City slang from back then. But I love me a detective every now and then. It’s nice to be able to switch between high brow literature (;)) and something that requires less brain activity.
In case you’re interested in the full picture of what I’m reading now, or have been reading, you can check out my Storygraph account.


In the early 90ies, Glasgow was a place I went to often. Mostly with an exchange of indie bands from the Netherlands, who were my friends. I’m still in touch with them and I met 2 friends in Amsterdam a few weeks ago. It’s interesting to see how we grow old together and pick up conversation like it was yesterday since we last met. Also, next months, an American couple that visited me 15 years ago when I still lived in the Frysian countryside, are coming over to Europe. We will host them for a few days in Amsterdam and I’m looking forward to it!