Too many challenges

How many challenges can one execute at the same time? I was about to start my 100 Days Of Code Challenge, one I’ve been doing since January 1st 2019. Obviously not daily, as we’re at day 289 now. The goal for the writing however, is to do it daily. But I nearly forgot it today. 

They idea of daily habits, like coding, writing or even chores around the house is, that you start doing them without thinking. They incorporate in your routine, like eating, sleeping, taking a shower. Not quite there yet with writing. Especially when there’s no given topic.

2 thoughts on “Too many challenges”

  1. I’ll quit lurking to say that I read the link out from Jeremy, saw what you were doing, and decided to copy. I’m a few days behind and also have no idea what the theme should be yet.

    But I’m selfishly using your posts as inspiration and a reminder prompt. I’m hoping you can keep going with it. Even if it never finds a plot.

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